I accept payment through PayPal!, the #1 online payment service! Fusion software conducts all it financial transactions through the PayPal system, this protects both yourself and us. And ensures sensitive details such as your credit card numbers do not get misused.
MultiDesk Version 1.0 06 September 2002
ive uploaded a new application, its called MultiDesk, its a virtual desktop manager which boasts: -
- Upto 10 Virtual Desktops
- Sticky Windows
- Sticky Window Classes
To name but a few of its features.

you can find it on the products menu.
Returning after a long hiatus 20 September 2016
We are proud to announce a return to software production after a long period of quiet. Those who have followed us from the beginning know the story well, but for those who don't - the short version is that problems with our orginal staff created a situation where it became very difficult for us to continue on as we were operating. The latest iteration has been restructured in ways that allow us to focus on our work and avoid the demands of the profit motive which have compromised the quality of our work in the past. We now build custom solutions for local businesses - for example, we recently built a software system for managing the accounts of a company that runs lifestyle villages in Christchurch; we did the same for a company that offers pest control in Auckland. Aside from our latest New Zealand clients, we also have some Australian connections now, developing in-house software solutions for Rock Solid, who do building repair on the Gold Coast; and we have begun work on a booking solution for a Waiheke wine tour company called Enjoi. All in all, we are happy to be back in business and producing custom solutions for clients across the globe.
Desktop Magic Version 1.1 22 August 2002
Ive uploaded the latest version of Desktop Magic, this version has: -
- timed rotation
- can hide the desktop icons
- change wallpaper on bootup

and has the following customizable settings for each wallpaper: -
- image pattern (streatch, tile, center)
- background colour
- transparent icon background

you can find it on the products menu.
Welcome to Fusion Software 14 August 2002
Welcome to Fusion Software's new site, here you will be able to download our software as well as make suggestions/report any bugs you may find. the site will be up fully as soon as i can code the php scripts required for it.